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A humorous view of the financial crisis 1

I stumbled across these Bird and Fortune clips. If you enjoy British humor, you’ll like this. It’s broken up into two parts.
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In case you missed it… 11

In case you weren’t sitting in front of the boob tube Wednesday night, here is the Obama infomercial that aired on the major networks. Make sure you vote Nov. 4th! We took advantage of early voting and got it out of the way already.
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Our quick trip to San Francisco 1


We just returned from a quick vacation in San Francisco. We went there for the Dida-berger & Horn-aleusky Wedding, which was a lot of fun. The flight was long, and I have to say, I don’t think I’ll fly on Frontier again. For the flight there, we had horrible seats (last row, next to the bathroom), and we hit some crazy turbulence. Coming home our original flight was canceled so we only had one flight back, at 6:00am, so we had to leave really early.

Mandie and I flew out Wednesday evening with her parents. We arrived in San Francisco really late, after checking in at the Handerly Hotel in Union Square, we crashed, since it was about 3AM our time.

When we finally woke Thursday, we had a chance to meet up with Mandie’s brother Louis, who took us around to run some errands, and to show us his kitchen and bath design business, la Dimora Design. In the afternoon, we joined Matt and went out for lunch. They had made reservations for us at Yank Sing for Deem Sum, which was fantastic. Later on, we went to the market and got some steaks and fish to cookout and just visit for the evening.

Seven stories of shopping!

Seven stories of shopping!

On Friday after breakfast we went and did some shopping. Mandie is in love with the seven story Macy’s (that’s ALL womens clothing)! In the afternoon, we met up with Mandie’s other brother, Kris, and his wife Robin, her cousin Fran, and our niece Addison (who just turned 1!). We went out to lunch and then hung out afterwards, driving around sightseeing and shopping.



Saturday we all met up for breakfast, and then walked around shopping afterwards. The wedding was later that afternoon. We all met up on Treasure Island, where we had a chance to watch the Blue Angels air show. I took some video with my iPhone, you can watch here on, and the photos are here. Right after the air show was the wedding ceremony. The “secret” Las Vegas performer was Bud E. Luv. He performed the ceremony and later did a Las Vegas style show for us. We had a delicious buffet with steak and salmon as the main dishes, and for dessert, CUPCAKES! The photos are here.

Overall we had a really great time. We love hanging out with family, and wish we could spend more time on the west coast with Louis and Matt. It’s a trip we’ll have to do again sometime soon!

Adoption process started… 0


This afternoon I dropped off the home study paper to the adoption agency. The home study is the first part to the adoption process that includes a very thorough background check. Now we’ll wait to hear back from a social worker as to the next step. I must say, the home study was not a simple questionaire, they ask a lot of personal questions, some of them more difficult than others. For example: Describe your childrearing philosophy.

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Cruise Photos 1

I finally got around to uploading our photos from the cruise we recently took. It’s taken me a little longer than I was hoping to get them posted as I have a boatload (heh, no pun intended) of digital photos that needed to be sorted and organized in iPhoto. I’m hoping in the future it should be quicker for me to get photos from the camera to the web, especially with the new Eye-fi wireless memory card (Thanks ma!). Click here to see the cruise photos on smugmug. is powered by WordPress and FREEmium Theme. Hosted on DreamHost.
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